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Merchantiles Covenant

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We make mutualistic connection with carefully selected and currated merchant which provides best on demand product or services whether it is takeaway or in place. Served while fresh & wellness still intact to our loyal customers. All of those can be received for granted truly free seasonal event program or loyalty poin.


 LoanEx is an International Certified-Project Finance Consulting & Business Loan Advisory company serving Entrepreneurs, Individuals and Professionals for their Personal Loans and Business Industry all over the globe. With over 7 years of Banking/Lending experience, we are highly skilled former Lenders who prepare you and your business to become BANKABLE.The unique combination of our experience, certification, authority, and lender relationships enable us to help individual, firms, entrepreneurs get access to capital and maintain business sustainability. We assist individual, firms, entrepreneurs through our following consulting services, which are becoming more critical in the business community when it comes to financing.

Virtual E-Support

What we can do for you

Are you exhausted from a day at work only to continue on completing administrative and bookkeeping tasks when you should be relaxing?
Virtual E Support ensures that your business is running smoothly and efficiently allowing you to spend time doing what you want to do.

Our organisation is highly motivated and ready to work with you, ensuring that your business needs are met and all your requirements
are conducted in a professional manner. This service is extended not only to you but for your clients as well, when and if required.